Top Trends in Outsourcing Engineering Services

Posted on: 6 February 2020

The structural engineering field is competitive today, and this is in part thanks to the rapid growth of the construction industry. Therefore, engineering service providers have resorted to outsourcing certain services to remain competitive, and the approach has worked well. Most importantly, clients are continually looking for engineering firms that offer quality services at competitive rates. Structural engineering firms need to explore emerging trends in outsourcing. This article highlights notable trends in the outsourcing of engineering services. Read on for more insight.

Outsourcing Core Engineering Services — Over the years, firms have outsourced prerequisite engineering services such as design and fabrication. Unfortunately, structural engineers have been reluctant to outsource core engineering services that play an integral role in revenue generation. However, that is changing today since there is an increasing need to outsource core engineering aspects to keep up with workload and project timelines. For instance, more engineering firms are outsourcing key parameters, such as implementation and support. 

Widening Sector Outsourcing Scope — When you mention engineering sectors known for outsourcing services, only the common segments come up — namely, the construction and automotive industries. For example, Rarely would you come across a structural engineering firm that outsourced research and development or process engineering. However, things are changing. Engineering firms have realised that stiff competition requires a wider outsourcing scope. For instance, you might want to create a product that acts as a seismic reinforcement system to cater to clients' buildings on lands that experience tremors often. This requires research and development services, and since you may not have the time or resources, you can outsource the R&D project. The outsourced component allows you to focus on what you can do best and contributes towards the overall success of the project in question.  

Shifting to Critical Engineering Functions — Every structural engineering firm knows what services they are good at. For example, your firm might be excellent at designing building foundations for structures that are constructed on shifty grounds. Even if the design process is your forte, you can still outsource some critical functions to an outside firm, specifically due to quality control, which ensures uniformity of results. Notably, most outsourcing firms today are competent enough to handle essential functions of engineering firms using industry standards. Therefore, if you want to outsource your crucial engineering functions, there is no need to worry because you can find an excellent partner with the necessary expertise and equipment.

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