A Guide On Partner Marriage Visas

Posted on: 16 February 2021

Are you a foreigner that is married to an Australian citizen or permanent resident? If yes, you should apply for a partner visa that allows you to live, work and study in Australia. Below is an excerpt discussing how you can apply for the Australian partner visa. 

Types Of Partner Visas

There are two categories of partner visas; the onshore and offshore partner visa. An onshore partner visa should be applied by people living in Australia. Typically, you should apply for a temporary visa (subclass 820) and seek a permanent visa (subclass 801) once your provisional permit is approved. The visa allows you to stay in the country until the department approves your permanent visa. It permits you to move in and out of the country as many times as you wish. Besides, you can bring a dependent child into the country. Successful applicants enjoy government services such as health insurance. People that are not fluent in English can enjoy free English lessons. Once you have the permanent visa, you are required to apply for a resident return visa if you wish to travel in and out of the country after five years. People with a permanent visa can apply for Australian citizenship. The provisions of the offshore partner visa are similar to those of the onshore visa. New applicants should apply for a temporary permit (subclass 309) as they wait for their permanent visa (subclass 100). 

Applying For The Visa

Visa applicants should not have a contagious illness. Additionally, they should have a police clearance certificate from their home country. The visa can only be granted to people that prove that they are in a long-term and genuine relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent resident. 

Why You Need An Immigration Attorney

An immigration lawyer will help you with the following: 

  • The lawyer will assess your situation to determine whether you qualify for the permit. If not, the lawyer will advise on an alternative visa.
  • The lawyer will help you organise your application documents. It helps prevent confusion as you upload the various documents.
  • The lawyer will prepare you for partner visa interviews. For instance, he or she will inform you what questions you should expect from your case officer. Additionally, they will give pointers on how to avoid contradictions as you answer the questions. 
  • The lawyer will appeal your case if the department declines your request. 

When hiring an immigration lawyer, conduct some background research to ascertain their reputation, experience and licencing. Besides, the lawyer should have reasonable terms and a professional liability cover. 

To learn more about partner marriage visas, contact a lawyer.