Why You Need To Be Aware Of The EPA As A Business Owner

Posted on: 11 February 2020

There are dozens of different little things you have to constantly keep track of as a business owner. Do you have enough stock, are your employees operating as efficiently as they can be, are you adapting your business enough to the 21st century, etc. One thing you probably don't think about all that often is the environment and your relation to it from a business standpoint. You may not realise it but there are strict rules and regulations when it comes to anything environmental-related and it pays for you to know exactly what licences and permits you need.


The regulatory body of every state and territory for all things concerning the environment is the Environmental Protection Authority which is commonly abbreviated to the EPA. Every state has a very similar EPA that is governed by federal laws that try to minimise Australia's impact on the environment. If your property is attached to a river you will need EPA licences to do anything commercially related on it. If you burn items you will need EPA licences first. If you just plan a corporate retreat into the bush you will still need EPA licences. For basically any corporate or commercial task related to the environment, you will need a licence from the EPA.

How Do You Get These EPA Licences?

EPA licences are commonly distributed after correctly filling out the relevant applications or after an inspection from a relevant authority. Sounds simple right? The issue with this for most regular business owners is that there are many specific laws that relate to all different types of environmental activities. Then there are overarching laws that cover multiple industries as well. If you want to get something like this done right the only way to be sure of yourself is to go through a consultancy firm.

What Will A Consultancy Firm Do For You?

A consultancy firm will listen to your needs and create a path forward for you that ticks all the boxes the EPA will be looking for. That means permits, forms, licences, inspections, contracts and whatever else you may need will be organised and filled out as soon as possible. This means that not only are you done quicker than you would be on your own but you know there is much less risk of getting anything wrong. When dealing with something as significant as the future of your business it is important you take your environmental relations seriously and the best way to ensure your longevity and correct licencing is to hire a consultancy firm.