Top Tips When Hiring a Migration Agent

Posted on: 12 February 2020

A migration agent is a professional that assists people who intend to visit foreign countries. Choosing a migration agent can be a daunting task. Below is a comprehensive guide to the various considerations you should make when hiring a migration agent.


As a rule, you should work with an agent specialising in the country you intend to visit. Different countries have varying visa requirements. A specialised agent will provide comprehensive consulting services and advice on a suitable visa. For instance, people that intend to visit Australia for leisure need a tourist visa. On the other hand, you will need a family visa if you want to live in Australia with a family member.

A specialised agent will advise you on the visa requirements. This helps reduce the probability of visa rejection. For example, you will need to prove that you have sufficient funds or a sponsor when visiting Australia. 


Work with an agent that provides a wide range of services. Some essential services include the following: 

  1. Organising your documents and applying for your visa. In the case of visa rejection, the agent should consult with the immigration office to identify potential issues.
  2. Helping you prepare for your visa interview.
  3. Providing online services for people with busy schedules.

Some agents are well connected in the country you intend to visit. As such, they can provide a few tips on the best places to stay, where to seek employment and what documents you should carry.


The agent should be fairly priced. Seek quotes from a few reputable and experienced agents before making your decision. Inquire about extra and hidden fees such as visa application, administrative and consultation fees. Most agents will ask for a deposit once you hire them. The remaining payment can be paid in bits or as a lump sum once you secure your visa. Ultimately, you should hire the agent that provides quality services at a reasonable price.


Critically evaluate the terms of the agent's agreement. Some of your concerns should include the following:

  1. Does the agent provide guarantees? For instance, some will give a specific date by which you should receive your visa.
  2. The agent must declare a conflict of interest, such as if he or she will receive a bonus after referring you to a college or employment agency.
  3. How does the agent handle client disputes? Negotiation and arbitration are considered effective interventions.
  4. Check the conditions of contract termination. For example, will you incur any penalties? How long will the agent take to return your documents?  

Hiring a migration agent is easy with the above tips. Examine the agent's specialisation, services, pricing and contract terms.